PI-370 Kunbaracs
318.000,00 EUR
Magyarország, Bács-Kiskun, Kunbaracs, 6043, Kunbaracs.
PI-370 Kunbaracs
Auflistungsstatus: Aktiv
Objektart: Apartment
Objekt ID: PI-370
Kategorie: haus zum verkauf
Zimmer: 6
Badezimmer: 4
Schlafzimmer: 4
Baujahr: 2004
Garagen: 2
Grundstücksgröße: 5800 Ar
Hausgröße: 330 qm

Today there is no more distance, you can have everywhere the advantages of urban life, but a peaceful life is far from the city.

This house has the capability of a flat or cottage even for a big family.

The 2 main buildings have comfort an habitability the other buildings are very close to them.  

Residential home: 200 sqm, right and left side are mirror image of each other. At the entrance there is a washbasin, a toilet, a dryer and a washing machine, opposite the office, next to it a mixed fired boiler, in the middle is a large comfortable kitchen with large table and a living room.


To the right, to the left 1-1 bedrooms, bathrooms, bath tub and shower. On both sides the terraces are covered, there is even a sauna in one of them. The heating is a central gas-radiator.Road reed is reared two years ago, protected by edges of hunting net. The house is insulated with 4cm dryvit, and the windows provide heat-soundproofing softwood.

Cottage: 130 sqm, by the end of 2018 it will be completed, two bedrooms, 2 bathroom, bath and shower, WC, large living room, dining room in one. Fireplace will be built, heating with gas-underfloor heating, booth rooms have a terrace.

Garage: 60 sqm, 2 parking spaces, automatic doors. Next to it the cellar: 100 sqm, large guest room, bar, water purification system, which automatically cleans the water every 4 days, bottled quality!

Swimmingpool: 8X3X150 cm deep, Leier tiles around, frost and non-slip floor, 2 minutes foldable with heating -  anti calc machine and automatic PH dispenser 

Sunbath area is around it. At the rear of the garden orchard and vegetable garden built.

Barbecue-:stone oven 3X3 m, winter proof, also Leier tiles on the floor. Yard, intercom, automatic gate, enclosed with camera. The alarm and   the heating can be operated from anywhere. 

Weighing 40 m3, since 2004 4 times emptied. Electricity: 220 volts 

Water supply: drilled well with shaft. Automatic watering system for watering. Heating: tank gas, radiators, guesthouse underfloor heating, mixed fired boiler. Fireplace construction is also planned. In 2018 the house was completely renovated. Highway to Kecskemét approx. 30 minutes, 10 minutes to the next village.

No location available


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